Does First Love Last?Does First Love Last?

First love is a memorable experience. It can happen as early as the teenage years and is altogether delightful. It gives a new experience as you start feeling things you have never experienced before.ย 

While it is rare to find a first love that will last, it isnโ€™t impossible. Hence, if you are experiencing love for the first time, youโ€™re in for a rollercoaster!

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What Does First Love Feel Like?

Having a crush on someone is extremely different compared to when you are in love. When you like someone you are infatuated with him however, it can be superficial. Whereas in love you have a much deeper connection, you feel like he is the one and that no one is better than him.

When you fall in love with someone, you stand with him even while facing challenges. Moreover, you find yourself willing to make sacrifices to make him happy.

People may describe love as the soft ray of sunshine in cold winters, or like a cup of hot chocolate while it snows, love is a feeling that provides you comfort and happiness.ย 

Can I Fall In Love At First Sight?

Some may argue that love at first sight is not true love. They believe you canโ€™t fall in love with someone because of looks as it is not a factor to build genuine connection.

Love at first sight is more common in romantic movies or romance novels. However, in reality, it takes time to build a deep connection.

Some argue that they look at a person and they know that they have a connection or feel a spark. An example of love at first sight could be a mother looking at her newborn child.ย 

Reasons Why First Love Does Not Last

There can be several reasons as to why your first relationship may not last, some of the reasons are:

  1. Maturity

Often, when you fall in love with someone for the first time you are young. In such an age one is not mature enough to make decisions, and hence is likely to grow apart. Moreover, at a young age, you can not be sure of a definite future with your partner.

  1. Lack Of Experience

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and if it is your first experience in love, you are going to face challenges. Being new to the dating world you may find it difficult to navigate through these barriers leading one to fall out of love.

  1. Individual Growth

At a young age, the brain is not completely developed, and you may grow apart due to differences. It is also possible that you grew apart, and have different goals, or that one of you is moving to a different city etc.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Over It?

It is hard to get over your first love as it is your first experience with love. The feelings, the memories and the experience are new and exciting hence when things end, it feels difficult to move on.

Moreover, being in love makes you happy, and since youโ€™ve experienced it for the first time, it makes it more challenging to move on and forget that feeling.

How To Get Over First Love?

  • Give Yourself Time

It takes time to heal. Some people may take a few weeks while others may take months. Nevertheless, it is important to give yourself time to heal.ย 

Going through a breakup for the first time may be rough. However, remember itโ€™s going to pass.

  • Focus On Your Goal

Work on your goal, focus on whatโ€™s important to you. This will help you keep yourself distracted from the pain.ย 

Additionally, you can learn new skills, and try to indulge in activities, and do things you enjoy example โ€“ painting, dancing, singing etc.

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  • Surround Yourself With People

Surround yourself with friends and family. Go out for movies, or hang out with them. Friends and family always know how to cheer you up.

  • Discard Things That Remind You Of Him

There is no point in constantly looking at photos of you together. Remember, if you want to move on you must take the initiative. It may be difficult for you but is essential in order to move forward.

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How To Make My First Love Last?

It is possible for your first love to last, as long as you and your partner have good communication, understanding and trust.

Realistically speaking, you and your partner will have to face a lot of challenges. However, if you are committed to one another and wish to make it work, there are chances that you will have a long-lasting relationship.

Realistically speaking, you and your partner will have to face a lot of challenges. However, if you are committed to one another and wish to make it work, there are chances that you will have a long-lasting relationship.


It is rare that your first relationship or love may last. However, it is not impossible. Some people have been with their high school sweethearts and gotten married to them. Whereas, others have grown apart.

It depends on each individual and how strong their relationship is. As long as two people are willing to work on the relationship and put in constant effort, there are chances the relationship may work.

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