What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like?What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Contrary to popular belief that “relationships are a distraction” partners can help each other grow and support each other in a healthy relationship.

It is true that relationships require time and effort. However, in a healthy relationship, one doesn’t need to spend every second of the day with their partner. Rather, your partner will encourage you to achieve more.

One can identify whether their relationship is healthy or not. Hence, some of the early signs of a good relationship are mentioned below.

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Early Signs Of A Good Relationship

  • Honesty

Honesty is an essential part of a relationship. When you are honest with one another you develop a sense of trust which is important for a relationship to survive. 

In order to develop trust with your partner, you must be honest with them. Moreover, you must also be honest with them about mistakes you make.

  • Trust

Trust is important in order to tackle insecurities and overthinking. When you and your partner trust each other, you can rely on each other. 

Trust and honesty are correlated. If your partner does something wrong but is still honest with you about it, you know you can trust them to never lie to you,

  • Open Communication

It is important to communicate clearly with each other. Moreover, you must have difficult conversations. Difficult conversations when handled maturely reflect that your partner is willing to work on a relationship which is an admirable trait.

  • Understanding

Understanding is vital for a relationship to last long. When you understand each other, you are less likely to have conflicts. 

It is important to understand that everyone has their own opinions, and views and hence, understanding your partner and their views helps you overcome differences in opinion. Differences in opinion cause clashes, however when partners understand each other’s point of view, it’s easier to resolve them.

  • Respect Boundaries

One of the early signs of a good relationship is that you and your partner respect each other’s boundaries. Respecting boundaries ensures that your partner is comfortable.

For example, if your partner says that they are not comfortable with a certain thing, you respect their wishes and do not force them.

  • Support

Having a supportive partner helps a person grow. Sometimes you may find yourself doubting your capabilities. Your partner will support you and push you to achieve your goals.

However, support is not only about pushing your partner to do the best but also supporting their decisions irrespective of your personal thoughts. 

  • You Have Your Own Identity

It is important that you don’t lose your identity when you are in a relationship. It often happens in toxic relationships and this can create co-dependency on your partner which is not healthy.

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10 Characteristics Of A Good Relationship

  • Maturity 

Conflicts are inevitable in a relationship. You both must deal with conflicts with maturity. This can be done by having conversations maturely and with patience. Moreover, handling conflicts in a calm way avoids creating resentment and fights.

  • Forgiveness 

We as humans tend to make mistakes. However, it is crucial that we don’t hold grudges against the person and hence, we must forgive small mistakes here and there. 

Nevertheless, if a partner continues to make mistakes, it shows that they do not respect the relationship enough and can be considered as a red flag.

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  • Empathy

In a relationship, you must be empathetic and understanding towards your partner. If your partner has had a tough day, empathise with your partner and provide them emotional support.

  • Commitment

Commitment is an important factor in a relationship. When you are committed to a person, you put in effort to make them feel special and work on your relationship together as a team.

  • Respect

Mutual respect is something that one must not neglect. Respect is a two-way street and hence, couples should clearly communicate if they feel that they are not being respected.

Occasionally teasing your partner is not considered disrespectful. However, if your partner is not comfortable you must respect their boundaries.

  • Transparency 

Transparency in relationships helps to avoid misunderstandings. When you are transparent with your communication, you help your partner avoid overthinking and insecurities.

  • Growth

In a healthy relationship, partners push each other to grow in their personal life or professional life. With the support of your partner, you grow and vice-versa.

  • Integrity

In terms of relationships, integrity simply means to do things you have promised to your partner. This quality can help you rely on your partner and more importantly this will help you gain trust.

  • Appreciation

Appreciating your partner gives them a sense of fulfilment. When you appreciate your partner they feel special and respected. It makes them feel seen in a relationship.

Nevertheless, appreciation doesn’t only have to do with praising someone’s looks. Example – “You’ve worked hard today, I am proud of you” or “You rock every interview” etc.

  • Intimacy

Intimacy is a healthy part of a relationship. It can be both physical and emotional. Moreover, it plays a part in making your partner feel comfortable and building a connection.

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Healthy Relationship Examples

In a healthy relationship, your partner will make efforts to make you feel special.

Example 1: 

For example – you share with your partner that you feel insecure wearing crop tops because you think it makes you look fat.

If you are in a healthy relationship your boyfriend will encourage you to wear what you like and keep complimenting you.

Whereas, in an unhealthy relationship your partner will say things like “don’t wear it if you don’t like it” “Then lose weight and stop complaining” etc.

Example 2:

Suppose someone spreads a fake rumour about you, and people blame you for things you have not done.

On the other hand, your partner directly asks you because he trusts you to tell the truth. Or, they simply know you enough to not listen to fake rumours. It shows that he believes in you and trusts you which is a great sign.

Suppose someone goes to your partner and lies to them about 


A healthy relationship encourages individuals to grow individually as well as in a team. In the beginning of a relationship, things are always roses and rainbows, however, over time we see the reality of a person.

Nevertheless, there are some early signs that one must look out for to ensure that they are in a healthy relationship.

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