Things That Can Ruin Your First DateThings That Can Ruin Your First Date

When it comes to a first date, everybody wants it to go smoothly and make it memorable. Hence, we plan in advance, go for a makeover, wear nice clothes, and prepare well before it.

We have a lot of expectations and things in mind. For some, it is their first time, so they become both excited and anxious. 

Some people take the help of the web and learn 1st date ideas, but they forget to learn about the mistakes that they should avoid.

There are a lot of things that can potentially ruin your first date. If you already know about them, then there are chances that you’ll refrain from doing them. Meanwhile, if you don’t know, this blog is for you.

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7 Things That Can Potentially Ruin Your First Date:

Reaching Late

The worst thing that a person does on a date is to arrive late. If you make the other person wait for you, it is obvious that it will give her a bad impression. She will probably consider you a careless person.

See, your first date is one of the most precious days of your life, therefore, reach there on or before time. For a perfect first date, try reaching the place in 5-10 minutes earlier. To ensure you reach the place on time, plan in advance. Instead of using your personal vehicle, you can travel by public transportation to avoid traffic. Also, don’t forget to have proper information about the location of your meeting. Use Google Maps to be sure about the place. 

However, if you reach a bit late, don’t forget to tender apologies. Additionally, you can present her with something as a token of apology.

Looking Completely Different

If you meet your date on social media or on a dating app then don’t forget to appear the same you looked in your profile picture. People use filters and editing tools to look better in their profile picture, whereas, when they meet people in real life, they look quite different.

Nonetheless, there are instances when people put a lot of makeup on their faces and do weird makeovers. When they meet in person, the other person may feel disappointed.

Instead, of focusing a lot on your looks and appearance, concentrate more on looking natural. Dress the way you normally dress, just ensure that you look neat and decent. Also, don’t forget to wear a nice fragrance and have a smile on your face.

Being On The Phone The Entire Time

When you meet a person, you should be fully focused on the conversation instead of being busy with your phone. If you remain busy all the time, you disrespect others around you. While on a date, remember to put your phone aside, otherwise she will think you are not at all interested in her.

These days, phones are the biggest distraction, there are plenty of apps sending notifications and phone calls may distract you. When on a date, keep your phone silent and talk actively.

If you get a phone call during your meeting, don’t pick it up unless or until it is very urgent. Show yourself available instead of being busy on your phone. 

Not Listening And Interrupting 

On a first date, ensure that you listen carefully and curiously to your partner. Instead of talking about yourself and interrupting her, let her finish first. Don’t interrupt her to assert your point of view. 

There are a lot of advantages to listening to others quietly. The first one is that she will be happy seeing you interested in her talks, secondly, when you listen to her quietly, you observe a lot of things.

Interrupting a lot can irritate your date and, likely, she won’t consider meeting for the second time. Therefore, be a good listener and assert yourself when you are asked to do so.

Inappropriate Behaviour

While meeting your date, be courteous and kind. Talk politely to her and to the staff of the place. Also, don’t forget to behave well.

There are a lot of inappropriate behaviours that can ruin your date, therefore it is better if you refrain from doing these:

  1. Picking your nose
  2. Eating hastily
  3. Eating a lot
  4. Talking rudely to staff
  5. Scratching your body
  6. Engaging in sexual talks, and
  7. Asking personal questions

Instead of being inappropriate, it is better if you remain composed and enjoy the time spent with her.

Love Bombing

If you are too assertive and lovebomb your partner in your first meeting, it raises a red flag. Instead of being in haste, take time and spend more time together.

Generally, people on their first date display so much affection and give a lot more attention to their date, therefore, it raises suspicion.

Instead of love-bombing your date, be natural, and talk only about things that are to be discussed on a first date. Don’t express anything unnecessarily. In addition, without knowing anything about your partner, don’t feel yourself being fallen in love with her.

Additionally, instead of bringing gifts for her, give her a bouquet or a rose. Keep your date as simple as possible.

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Bragging About Things

A lot of people brag about their achievements, finances, family background, friends and success. It gives a bad impression.  While on a date, avoid bragging about things and nobody wants to listen to useless conversations. Instead, talk about the things you like and dislike and the things that you mutually agree on.

When you brag a lot, the other person thinks that you are just another fool who wants to influence her. It negatively affects your prospect of a second meeting and eventually, everything will go south for you.

Therefore, talk about the necessary things and give information about the things you are asked for.


The first date is one of the most important occasions for most of us as it allows us to meet our potential partner. Therefore, it is on us to make the most of it. 

There are a lot of things that can ruin it, some of which have already been discussed. Therefore, it is on you to avoid committing such mistakes. 

Be prepared for that special day and surprise your date with your appearance, conduct and behaviour. 

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