Family Support: Why Is It Important?Family Support: Why Is It Important?

Family members’ support pushes us to work hard and do the best we can, making it essential for our growth. Family is one’s biggest supporter, it helps you in the hard times and appreciates you in the good times. 

If you have your family by your side, you are lucky. With them, you don’t need to fear making mistakes or face judgment. They love you for who you are and they accept all your flaws.

Why Is Having Your Family As A Support System Important?

To understand the importance of family support, we must understand the theory of hierarchy of needs by Maslow. The theory states that there are 5 hierarchies of needs:

  1. Physiological Needs

These are also known as the “being needs” as these needs are essential to human life, for example – food, water, air, shelter, health, clothes etc. It consists of the most basic needs of an individual and is essential for survival.

  1. Safety Needs

Safety needs include having a safe home and feeling secure. It can also include having a secure job to provide for your basic needs. 

If you are born into a financially stable family, your physiological and safety needs are automatically met, allowing you a decent living.

  1. Sense Of Belongingness

A sense of belongingness is the need to be loved. It includes family, friends, relationships, etc. Being loved makes you feel secure and confident and is also essential for your self-esteem.

Family is the first thing we meet, thus having a sense of belongingness with them is quite important.

  1. Esteem

Having self-esteem is a basic need as it provides a sense of respect and achievement. 

  1. Self Actualisation

Self-actualisation is known as the state of achieving your full potential. It includes knowing yourself well enough. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to reach this stage.

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Benefits Of Having A Supportive Family

Support of family is a blessing. Having their support helps you in many ways:

  1. Financial support

Having sufficient financial support is essential. In today’s world, we need money for the most basic necessities such as food, water, education etc. 

Hence, if you come from a financially stable family, it is good for you as it provides you with financial help which further allows you to live comfortably.

Moreover, as you grow older and are navigating through personal finances and adulting, you have the opportunity to rely on your family for assistance.

  1. Emotional support

Apart from financial assistance, family members are there for you in the most difficult times. They provide you with emotional support.

Studies have shown that children who have emotional support are less likely to develop mental health issues.

  1. Social support

Your family is the first group of people you socialise with, they teach you important aspects of life, such as etiquette, self-esteem and confidence. 

Studies point out that children who have strong family relationships are more confident and can easily communicate with others.

  1. Physical support

Families have an influence on children’s physical behaviour. If parents are physically active and have a healthy lifestyle, children are likely to follow the same path.

Moreover, if you ever fall sick you have family members you can rely on. They help nurture you back to health.

  1. Education

There is a common saying that “A parent is a child’s first teacher”. This is because children are likely to adopt behaviour and habits they learn from their parents. 

From childhood to adulthood, we often get to learn a lot of things from our parents. For example – parents help their young children to ride a bicycle and teach their teenagers about right and wrong.

How Does Family Support Affect the Mental Well Well-Being of A Child?

Children who have strong bonds with their families are confident and mentally stronger. They are less likely to develop mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, etc.

Having a good relationship with family also helps with reduced stress levels and provides children with a reliable person who can support them in difficult times.


Family is the greatest support system. Family members guide you through the difficult times and help you figure out things on your own. It is also important as having family support is a basic human need.

Having a supportive family has several benefits such as emotional, physical, mental and financial benefits. Additionally, they help you turn into an individual with your own identity. 

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