Common Relationship Problems That Arise : How To Resolve ThemCommon Relationship Problems That Arise : How To resolve Them

Every relationship goes through its problems. However, the way we deal with them to pave a hurdle-free way matters. For this, one must understand the relationship issues and work to resolve them.

Common Relationship Problems & How To Resolve Those Issues

Trust Issues

Trust is the foundation stone of every successful relationship. When you and your partner trust each other, you both feel safe and secure. Moreover, the trust provides a safe space for you and your partner and allows you to openly communicate with one another.

Thus, building trust in a relationship is essential as it provides security and strengthens the bond. On the other hand, a lack of trust can cause both persons to overthink. Overthinking can give rise to a lot of issues in the relationship leading to constant fights and arguments.

But we need to understand that trust that requires patience and effort. It is not possible to build trust in a day, it takes time.

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A lack of trust in a relationship tends to increase the feeling of jealousy. Being jealous is common in relationships, however, being overly jealous leads to having control issues, fear of losing the partner, increasing insecurity, paranoia, etc.

When jealousy rises it can cause you and your partner to feel dissatisfied in the relationship. Thus, you must provide reassurance and address your partnerโ€™s concerns.

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In relationships, we often get possessive about our partner and it is quite normal. When we feel uncomfortable by someoneโ€™s presence around our partner we are likely to feel insecure.

Insecurity is one of the major problems that arises due to a lack of trust and communication. Hence, it is important to communicate with your partner and build a strong foundation of trust, so that there remains no room for insecurity to exist.


One of the most common relationship problems that often arise in long-term relationships is codependency. When you have been close to someone for so long you tend to get emotionally dependent on them.

This kind of unhealthy attachment causes a person to lose their individuality. Hence, you mustnโ€™t lose your sense of self in the relationship.

To avoid this, you must also focus on yourself, spend time working on your personal goals, and work towards self-growth. Additionally, you can set boundaries so that there remains a line that you both respect. Setting boundaries can help you have a sense of individuality and mitigate the risk of codependency.


Having differences is another common issue in many relationship problems one faces. No two people think alike because everyone has different thoughts, opinions, and upbringing. Therefore, differences can create resentment and ultimately give rise to disputes.

In such scenarios, it is important to remember that even though people have different opinions and thoughts, we must respect each otherโ€™s differences and find common ground to avoid conflict. Making compromises in such situations is the best way to move forward.


Misunderstandings are more frequent in relationships when there is a lack of communication. They are the most common cause of relationship issues. They can also be caused by other different reasons like- not listening to each other and understanding what has been said, misinterpreting each otherโ€™s messages, etc.

The most working solution to the misunderstanding is to have clear communication and focus on resolving the issue rather than quarrelling. Moreover, being patient and clear while communicating reduces the chance of miscommunication and reduces the scope of misunderstandings.

Another way to resolve this is to avoid jumping to conclusions and staying focused on the current conversation.

Feeling Boredom

Getting bored of the partner is quite normal in serious relationships. This often happens in long-term relationships and is mostly caused because you spend a lot of time with your partner and do the same kind of stuff.

To overcome this, the couple should change the routine and try new activities together like joining the gym, dancing, travelling, cultivating new habits, listening to music, or going out. These changes will potentially bring the spark back in your relationship.

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Another common problem in relationships is managing finances. You may find yourself disagreeing with your partner on many levels regarding expenses. However, you both should equally contribute and manage your finances.

There is always a chance that one person may be a saver while the other may be a spender, so both need to have an understanding. In addition, creating a financial plan discussing it with your partner and taking their views are the best ways to solve financial issues in the relationship.


Everyone is raised differently and has different beliefs and thoughts hence, it is common for you and your partner to disagree with each other. For example, your partner may be an extrovert or a party animal but you may be an introvert. In such a scenario, you may not enjoy going out often, and if you feel forced to go party, you may start resenting your partner.

By setting healthy boundaries and communicating what you and your partner like or dislike you can solve this.

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