Creative Activities For KidsCreative Activities For Kids

If you want your children to spend some time away from gadgets, you should try out some creative activities for kids which not only help in development but also enhance their creativity.

Why Are These Activities Important?

Nowadays when parents are busy, they hand over gadgets to keep them occupied. Nevertheless, it causes more harm than good as it causes a rise of addiction. Having an addiction to gadgets can negatively impact a childโ€™s growth.ย 

When children are young, their brain is like clay, it can easily be moulded. Hence, it is important that we dedicate time to do activities with them in order to promote creativity and growth.

There are many benefits of engaging kids with arts and crafts such as:

  1. Builds Imagination โ€“ When kids try out new things, they expand their imagination.
  2. Enhances Sensory Development โ€“ Kids get to explore different colours and textures which help them to enhance their sensory development.
  3. Boosts Cognitive Development โ€“ Children get to make decisions, learn about craft and explore new possibilities.

Mentioned below are lists of some easy arts and crafts to do at home with kids.

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Fun Art Activities For Kids

  1. Join The-Dots

Print join the dots from online templates and ask your child to join the dots according to the numbering. This activity aids in motor skills and coordination. Additionally, this activity will help them to be observant.

Here are 59 Free Connect the Dots Worksheets

  1. Finger Painting

Finger painting is a fun and sensory game that children enjoy! It helps develop fine motor skills in young kids. Moreover, it is a great activity to keep your kids engaged!

  1. Mosaic

While traditional mosaics are made up of small pieces of glass and ceramics, you can create one with simple paper crafts. All you need is an outline of a drawing and coloured paper in small sizes.

Ask your kids to fill the image by sticking small coloured papers on the outline to create a beautiful mosaic.

  1. Leaf Painting

It is a fun way to introduce your child to painting. All you need is paints, paper, and a few leaves.ย 

Paint a leaf of any colour and stamp it onto the paper, repeat the process and ask your kids to create their own design. It helps children learn about shapes, textures and colours through natural objects.ย 

Easy Crafts For Kids

  1. Pencil Holder

For this activity, you need an empty tin can, scissors, coloured paper and glue.

Cover the old tin with coloured paper and glue it together. Now, create small designs on another coloured paper and cut it out. You can use it as a pencil/pen holder. Moreover, it builds the excitement of creating something new.

  1. Origami

Origami is a fun and simple paper craft activity which is both fun and challenging! There are many easy-to-follow tutorials available on YouTube that you can follow along. Moreover, it is known to develop motor skills in children and build concentration.

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  1. Cardboard Car

If you have old cardboard, there is a lot you can make out of it! Take a cardboard box (10x5x6 inches) and open it from the top.

Ask your children to design their new car in any colour they like! To make it more interesting you can use a frisbee, or a paper plate as a steering wheel and now the car is ready!

These were some fun arts and crafts to do at home with your children. Now, letโ€™s look at some fun educational games that will keep your child engaged while making them learn new things!

  1. DIY Sunflower

To make a DIY sunflower all you need is coloured paper (Yellow and brown), Scissors, and glue. Now, make a fan out of the yellow paper by folding the yellow paper by ยฝ inch. Once it is done, you will get a strip of yellow paper, fold it in half and stick them together.

Repeat the process until you have a full yellow circle. Now, cut a perfectly round shape in the brown coloured paper and stick it on your flower! Your sunflower is now ready!

Educational Activities For Kids

You must be familiar with the term fun & learn. It is when you teach your children different things while making it fun.ย 

  1. Addition Games

Most kids dread maths. However, if you want your child to start taking an interest you should try this fun addition game.

For this game, you will need a small cardboard box, two A4 sheets of paper, double-sided tape, two dice, and some small paper balls.

Make a cylinder out of each sheet and stick it to the cardboard sheet with the help of a double-sided tape. Now, roll the two dice.ย 

Suppose, you got number 3 on the first dice and number 2 on the other, ask your child to put 3 paper balls through one cylinder and 2 through the other.

Once done, ask them to count the number of balls they have collected and that would be the answer to 3+2.

While you may have to go the extra mile to get them to learn addition, this game will help create interest and keep them engaged.

  1. Germ Experiment

If you want your child to learn the importance of washing their hands with soap, you must try this fun activity which will give them a visual representation of why washing your hands with soap is important.

Firstly, fill a bowl with water and sprinkle some pepper in it. Now, ask your child to put a drop of soap on their finger and touch the bowl. Your child will notice something interesting and new. This is a short experiment which will help your child be more mindful about their hygiene.

These were some of the creative activities for kids you can try out at home to engage children.

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