Fun Games To Play With Friends (Online & Offline)Fun Games To Play With Friends (Online & Offline)

If you are looking for some fun games to play with friends, this blog is going to save you a lot of time! The list below consists of multiplayer games that are unique and fun to play. 

Best Online Games

  1. Among Us

Among Us is a famous multiplayer game which you can play with up to 15 people! In this game, there are 1-3 imposters depending on the number of players. The rest are crewmates. 

The crewmates have to complete tasks or try to guess who the imposter is in order to win. On the other hand, if the imposter kills the crewmates before the crewmates find out who the imposter is, they win.

  1. Draw Something

Draw Something is a fun two player game. In this game, you are given a choice between 3 words ranging from easy to hard. You can choose any word from the 3 options, and have to draw it out. The other player has to guess the word, if the second player is successfully able to guess the word, you get points.

At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins the game! 

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  1. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a pool game that you can play with your friends online. This game is quite similar to playing real pool. However, you don’t need prior experience as the game provides an easy to follow tutorial.

You can also play it with strangers or simply play a practice match by yourself.

  1. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall guys is a fun and challenging game to play with friends. Each player can customise their avatar and even unlock new ones.

The game consists of several challenging levels which you have to qualify in order to win. The player who completes all the levels in the least amount of time wins the game!

  1. PSYCH

PSYCH is a fun trivia game that has many categories. In this game, you are given a question to which you have to provide a wrong answer that feels realistic. Your answer should be convincing so that players think your answer is correct. The person with the most convincing answer wins.

  1. Call Of Duty

Call of duty is a fun action game to play with friends. You can play with up to 4 people and have different modes of games. This is a game in which you have to shoot your enemies and the team which survives till the end wins.

Similar games are Pubg, Free Fire, Valorant etc.

These were some fun games that you can play with friends online. All these games are available on both iOS and Android devices.

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Now, let’s take a look at some offline games you can try!

Best Offline Games 

Offline games such as ludo, snake and ladders, etc. are very popular. However, if you want to try some fun games that you have not played before, take a look at these multiplayer games mentioned below!

  1. Spy

There will be one referee who gives out a secret location to everyone except one person. Example- everyone gets the location “Zoo” but one person gets “Spy”. The players have to interrogate one another about the location and find out who the spy is. 

If you suspect a player is a spy, you call them out, if the majority of the players agree, then they have to reveal if they were the spy or not. If the person is the spy, they lose. And if not, they win.

  1. Mr White

Mr White is a fun game similar to Spy. In this game, every player is given the same word except one player (Mr. White). In this case, Mr white will get a similar word to the other players. Everyone has to describe the word they get in one word. Once everyone has described their words, they have to guess who is Mr White.

For example – the word given is strawberry, and a player described it as crunchy. They are likely to be Mr White since strawberries are soft and not crunchy.

  1. Likes & Dislikes

For this game, every player is required to write 3 things they like and dislike on a piece of paper. Once done, fold the paper, place it in a bowl, and shake it up!

The referee picks a chit and reads it aloud like – “I dislike cats”. The player has to guess which friend dislikes cats. Once everyone has guessed, the person reveals it and whoever gets it right gets 1 point. 

Each player must keep a track of their points. Once all the chits are over, everyone has to reveal their scores, the one with the highest score wins!

This game can be a fun way to bond with friends, moreover, it will also reveal who knows you the best!

  1. The Leader

Gather your friends’ group and select one person (referee) to go out of the room. While the person is out of the room, the other players must choose the leader. Once you choose the leader, call the referee back into the room.

Now, the leader must change their position while the referee is not looking and the rest have to follow. The referee has to guess who the leader is by looking at everyone’s actions.

The referee has only one chance to guess correctly, if they guess incorrectly they lose and will have to restart the game. If the referee wins, the leader of the previous game will become the next referee.

  1. Tail Grab

Ask everyone to tuck in a piece of cloth behind their back so that it can look like a tail. Now, all the players must gather in a circle and each player must try to remove the tail of each other while protecting their own.

If someone removes your tail, you are eliminated. The person who protects their tail till the end wins the game!

  1. Say The Same Thing

This game can be played with 4 or more players (Minimum 2 players in one team). Divide the team into equal members. 

Now team one has to say any word that comes into their head together at the count of 3. The members in the first team must say two different words for example – bread and turkey.

Now, team two has to try to say a word that has both bread and turkey in common. For example team two said food and sandwich. The chance goes back to team one. If the members of team one say the same word together at the same time (for example – burger), they win.

These were some of the fun games you can play offline with your friends. Additionally, these games can also be fun for parties!

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