5 Crazy Things To Do With Your Best Friend5 Crazy Things To Do With Your Best Friend

When you are with your friends, you create memories. Those memories and the time you spend with them remain eternal and etched into your mind. Therefore, it is necessary to make those moments special.

In order to make every moment spent with your best friend memorable, you need to enjoy what you do together. And, for that purpose, you need to try some crazy things with your best friend. 

Now, you might be thinking about what crazy things you can do with your best friend. Well, give me a chance to introduce our blog containing 5 crazy things to do with your best friend. Not only you’ll get to know fun ideas but you’ll eagerly wait to try them with your friends.

Last but not least, you should have enough knowledge about your best friend & his choices in order to find something crazy that he’ll like. Without knowing his likes and dislikes, it will be challenging for you to find crazy things to do. 

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Things To Do With Your Best Friend

Explore A Nearby City Together

Well, if you love travelling and at the same time want to have a great time with your best friend, then plan an exploration tour to a nearby city. 

Discuss this with him and plan accordingly. Also, don’t forget to create a list of famous places, food carts, shopping spots and historical places to explore.

Furthermore, research the transportation system of that city and plan a budget accordingly. In the end, decide the travel route and schedule your trip.

Last but not least, don’t forget to click some candid pictures to capture the moments spent together.

Paint Your Room

Does it seem boring living in the same setup? Well, why don’t you plan to overhaul your room by painting it and reorganising things?

Bring paint colours of your choice but only after consulting the paint shop owner. He may ask you about the dimensions of your room, so don’t forget to do your maths before visiting the shop. 

Also, take the help of the internet, particularly YouTube, and transform your room according to your and your friend’s choices. 

Although it will take a lot of hard work and time, you’ll have a transformative experience and create fun moments with your best friend.

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Beautify Each Other

If you are a boy, you can skip this option. 

Well, think about giving a new look to your dear friend. Doesn’t it seem so interesting, right? 

To do this, get the permission of your friend, and bring the required makeup tools and kit. You can give each other a makeover by yourself or you can take the help of YouTube videos to give each other a new look.

Start with hair and end the makeup session with the final makeover. Also, don’t forget to share your snap tagging your best friend in that post.

Sing A Karaoke Song

Do you and your best friend like to sing? Well, it doesn’t matter whether you guys like to sing or not; you can still create a fun karaoke song together.

Select a song of your choice, and bring in the required things like a mic, a camera recorder or a phone camera, additionally, a speaker will be needed.

Download a karaoke tone of the song that you both agreed on. Play that tune on speaker, close your eyes, hold each other’s hand, turn on your camera and sing like Elton John.

Doesn’t matter if you sing good or bad, but the experience you get will be remembered forever by both of you.

Face The Fear

Well, it will be the craziest of all things to do with your best friend discussed above. 

You and your friend may have a lot of fears about things. For example, you may be afraid of heights and your best friend may have a fear of riding on a roller coaster.

Doesn’t matter what your fear is, have trust in your friend and face your fear like a brave person.

Also, don’t forget to ask your friend to create a video when you face your fear and do the same when it is your best friend’s turn. 

Discretion- Please don’t try anything that can potentially cause harm to you or your friend physically or mentally.


To say the least, everyone wants to try something crazy with his best friend and wants to make every moment count.

Moments spent with your friend can be made memorable forever by enjoying them to the fullest. In search of that joy, we do a lot of things. Some of the crazy things to do with your best friend have already been discussed.

Nonetheless, it is not possible to bring everything into a single blog. Therefore don’t forget to search the web for things to do with your friends and keep trying something crazy. Good luck with your exploration!

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