Friendship Goals to Set for 2024Friendship Goals to Set for 2024

Friendship is a kind of relationship that has the utmost value in our lives. Friends affect almost every aspect of our lives and play a crucial role in shaping our personality and how we are. Therefore, it becomes imperative to build our friendships in a way an ideal friendship should be. For that purpose, you need to plan, set rules, set goals and work towards achieving those friendship goals. 

Setting goals in friendships makes you mould, improve and work towards strengthening the bond. Now, you might be wondering “What friendship goals are?” Well, let’s move further and find it out!

Friendship Goals Meaning

Friendship goals are a set of goals people set for their friendship to achieve a desired outcome. These goals are set to strengthen the mutual bond, understanding and trust. Moreover, such goals can also be set to create new friendships. Friendship goals include values, ideals, activities, etc.

So, the motive behind setting these goals is to become more social by creating new friends or improving the relationship with the existing ones. 

5 Goals to Set For Friendship in 2024

Let’s talk about 5 goals you can set in 2024 for your friendship to get desired outcomes and improve bonding. 

Financial goal

Generally, in friendship, we see one or two friends paying for everyone. Well, in some cases, friends dutch the bill but only some pay. To avoid burdening a single friend and all such instances, you need to set a financial goal for your friendship.

Make it clear to each of your friends that every one of you is responsible for your expenses. When you party, everyone should pay his part. It will not only remove the burden from a single person but also prevent your friendship from disputes.

Moreover, you must communicate with your friends about the money lending terms. If someone takes money, he needs to return it before the committed date. 

Financial goals are not taken into consideration by people but it is much crucial for friendship to last. 

Being available

When we grow younger, our availability for friends becomes an issue. Due to our busy schedules and other commitments, we tend to forget to socialise with friends.

Availability issues are common in every friendship but it needs to be sorted. For this, you need to set this as your friendship goal. Moreover, you must toil to achieve the goal that you set.

If possible, you should meet your friends once or twice a week. Further, when they need you, try your best to be available.

Improve communication

You must have read or heard somewhere a quote “Communication is the key to a successful relationship,” well, this quote is also applicable to friendships. 

When you have better communication with your friends, you understand them better, and consequently, there will be no space for miscommunication or misunderstanding.

For 2024, set this as your friendship goal and work on improving communication with your friends. It will not only help you strengthen your friendship bond but also give you and your friends a chance to share things. 

Respect boundaries

We forget to respect boundaries in friendship due to openness and the freedom we get with friends. However, creating boundaries and respecting them is quite important as it prevents friends from trespassing into each other’s personal space.

If you want your friendship to last, you need to ensure that your friends and you respect each other’s boundaries. Well, if your friendship lacks it then make it a goal and try to achieve it this year.

It will help you in many ways. You will experience less stress, less tussle and improved bonding with your friends. 

Travel together

Last but not least, travelling together is also a must as it has so many benefits like, it gives you a way to gain knowledge, live moments, and spend time together.

When you travel together, you better understand each other as you spend time together and go through so many circumstances. Moreover, travelling provides you with a way to have fun and adventure together.

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How to Set Friendship Goals

Setting friendship goals is easy but hard to follow. So, when you set your goals you need to set realistic goals. Moreover, if your goals are about your friendship with your existing friends, it is better to consult them.

Additionally, if your friendship goal is to make new friends and socialise with them, then you need to set some rules and regulations and you need to abide by them.

Coming to setting friendship goals, you need to understand that you may have different categories of friends, some are just acquaintances, some are close friends, and very few are your best friends.

You need to set separate goals for each category of your friends because you have different relationships with them. So create categories, divide your friends into them and create friendship goals separately for each category.

And if you don’t want to set friendship goals for each category of friends separately, then set best friend goals for those who are closest to you, the relationships that you value the most. 

How to Achieve Friendship Goals

As mentioned earlier, it is easier to set friendship goals but hard to achieve them. You and your friends, both need to be sincere and serious about a common goal to achieve.

Once you set your goals, you have to frame a way to achieve them, and you need to prepare a roadmap to follow.

Work dedicatedly towards achieving your friendship goals and celebrate with friends when you are on the right path to achieving them. It will give you and your friends a moral boost.

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Setting friendship goals in life is imperative as it gives you a way to shape your friendship like the way you want. But first, you need to understand what friendship goals are, and how to set and achieve them.

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