7 Reasons Why School Friendships Are Important7 Reasons Why School Friendships Are Important

Some people believe that school friendships are likely to last a lifetime even if their friends may not be in touch with them for a long time. This is because school friends have seen you grow up through different phases of life. 

Even if you or your friends moved to a different city, when you talk to each other after a long time, things feel like nothing has changed. You have spent a lot of time in each other’s company and you feel comfortable while talking with them that’s the reason the attachment remains the same.

However, not everyone has the same experience. While some people still keep in touch with their school friends, others may not be close or in touch. However, school friendships always stay in our memories.

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How Do School Friendships Shape Us?

On average, one spends 7 hours a day at school surrounded by friends, that is more than a quarter of a day. Studies have proven that you tend to imbibe habits from the 5 people you spend most of your time with. The reason is that humans are social animals, they learn a lot from social interactions. Consequently, you are likely to pick up on your friends’ habits and inculcate them as yours.

You may have often heard the advice “Choose your friends wisely”. It is advised to choose friends wisely because they can have an effect on shaping your personality, and most importantly your future. Hence, you must have a company of good people from whom you can learn something great.

Well, we read about the role of our school friends in our lives, let’s explore the ways school friendships can affect us:

Improved Academics

Schoolchildren are more comfortable getting their doubts cleared by peers rather than teachers as they fear that they will be judged and or feel embarrassed in front of their classmates. However, they interact comfortably with their friends, discuss and get their doubts cleared as they are more expressive and assertive in front of them.

Moreover, when we have good friends at school, we get motivated to go to school and see them. When you remain present on most academic days, you are more likely to learn and grow.

With your friends, you spend more time discussing class topics, reading books, and quizzing each other. Further, friends help each other to learn topics they have difficulty with.

School friendships can encourage you to have healthy competition and provide you a way to work on self-improvement. Such competitions allow you to challenge each other and work to your full potential.

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No Room For Loneliness

School life without friends can be dull and may cause one to feel lonely and isolated. The isolation and loneliness increase over time and can cause social anxiety, and even depression. On the other hand, when you are surrounded by school friends you are happier as you have a bunch of people to provide you company.

In school, children crack jokes, pull pranks and occasionally bunk classes. While some of these actions may be punishable, they make a student’s life at school memorable. Being mischievous sometimes is a part of a child’s nature. These things make school life fun, but most importantly you can’t have all this fun without friends.

Enhanced Social Skills

Interacting with classmates and other students in school helps build social skills that are essential to making us good people, some of them are:

– Manners & Etiquette

– Confidence

– Communication

– Conflict Resolution

Children often pick up on habits by observing others. When they watch how other people behave they are likely to follow some of them. For example – If a friend often greets people with a smile and wishes them good morning, another friend may likely follow him.

In addition, interacting with peers helps in increasing confidence and builds communication skills.

Improved Teamwork

In school, children are often required to pair up with their classmates for various projects and activities. This allows them to work in teams which helps them to learn team and interactive skills.

Working in a team helps them to understand team dynamics and understand how to be collaborative and work with different types of people. These experiences help students to be more adaptable and help develop their skills.

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Increased Self-Esteem & Confidence

When we get validation and support from friends, we feel more confident. School friends help provide us with emotional support and a safe space. Friends accept you for your flaws, and having their support makes you more confident.

School friendships play a major role in building your self-esteem and strengthening confidence. Furthermore, having your friends’ reassurance helps build your self-esteem.

Inspiration To Try New Things

“True friends are always together in spirit”, with friends, we often enjoy trying new things and exploring opportunities. This drive to chase experiences allows us to learn various skills we need in life and helps us get over the fear of failure.

Sometimes, due to peer pressure, we try out things that they may not be comfortable with. However, this helps us to come out of our comfort zone and experience a whole new world.

Grow Empathy

School friendships encourage empathy in many ways such as:

  1. With friends, one feels vulnerable and can share their feelings and troubles with each other. This allows them to understand problems and be more empathetic towards them.
  2. In school, you make friends from different castes, races, and religions. When you interact with them you learn to understand and empathise with them.
  3. There may be times when you fight or argue with friends. Nonetheless, you often resolve the issue and forgive each other to move forward in the friendship. This allows you to be forgiving and understanding.


School friendships shape who we are as a person, they have a huge impact on our lives and help us in various aspects of our lives. Even if we may lose touch with our school friends, their friendship is something we cherish lifelong as we have many memories with them.

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