Double-Faced Friends: How Do They Affect YouDouble-Faced Friends: How Do They Affect You

In our lives, we come across many people, some are good while some are not. Those who are not good also consist of double-faced friends. Now, the question arises, what a double-faced person is?

Well, a double-faced person is someone nice to you to your face but talks negatively about you behind your back. A major trait of such a person is dishonesty.

Such individuals are also known as two-faced people and are quite similar to fake friends. These people often take advantage of you. Hence, it is important to understand how they function and then distance yourself from them.

8 Signs Of Double Faced People

Often, two-faced people are hard to identify as they are quite friendly in front of you, however, they put you down in front of others. Here are some of the signs of double-faced people:

  1. They Are Manipulative

Dealing with manipulative people isn’t easy. They know how to cover their deeds and can even gaslight you. However, there are ways you can try to find out if they are manipulating you. Ask yourself these questions to yourself:

  1. Do they often make me feel guilty about things?
  2. Do they constantly change the subject?
  3. Do their actions feel fake or forced?
  4. Do I feel pressured by them directly or indirectly?
  5. Do they lovebomb me?
  6. Do they lie quite often?
  7. Are they often playing the victim card?
  8. Do they often make me doubt myself?

If the answer to most of these questions is yes, it indicates they are manipulating you.

  1. They Often Break Promises

These people often make fake promises to gain trust but can’t keep them. They have no intention of committing to their promises and do not even apologise when they break them. If they apologise, they may not sincerely mean it.

  1. They Make Things About Themselves 

Another sign of such people is that they try to be the centre of attention and make things about themselves. For example – if you are sharing your problems, they will try to demean you by talking about their own issues and how it is greater than yours.

  1. They Contradict Themselves

If they often say something that contradicts themselves or things that are quite diplomatic, it is to hide their true face. These are signs that they are trying to hide a fact to clear their name.

  1. They Love Gossiping

One of the easiest ways to spot two-faced people is to observe them. If you often hear them talk about others negatively to you, they are the ones. In such a situation, it is always best to know both sides of the story, it will help you know if they were stating the truth.

  1. They Are Not Trustworthy 

If your friends tell your secrets to others without any guilt, it means that they are not trustworthy. Hence, refrain from sharing information with them as it can affect you negatively.

  1. They Are Jealous Of Your Success

Double-faced people envy you if you are successful at something, and in such a situation they may make you doubt your self-worth. Nevertheless, in such a situation, you must remember that you worked hard for it and you deserve the achievements that you received.

You must not let such people make you question yourself or your self-worth.

  1. They Talk Behind Your Back

Fake friends often talk badly about you when you are not around. Hence, if you notice rumours being spread about you, or people judging you, it is often because they may have passed on your information.

Double-faced people can even twist a story to make you look bad in front of others. Another way to spot them is knowing from someone that your so-called friend talked badly about you.

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How Do Double-Faced People Affect You?

Double-faced people are very sleek with their manipulation techniques. They make you doubt yourself, question your self-worth, or often guilt trip you. These things make you lose self-esteem and feel anxious around them. Moreover, they can also cause you emotional exhaustion.

There is a quote that states “An honest enemy is better than a friend who lies.” Do not share your personal information with people who are not trustworthy as they can use it against you. 

Additionally, when you are surrounded by two-faced people, you can’t truly rely on anyone during difficult times. You may suspect everyone around you because of the betrayal.

Hence, stay away from people who are not trustworthy. Furthermore, cut off ties with them, as they can negatively affect your mental health.

How To Deal With Double-Faced Friends?

While dealing with two-faced people it is a must to remember certain things such as:

  1. Don’t Overshare With Them 

No matter how convincing they seem, don’t share anything with them. If you don’t feel comfortable or safe while sharing information with them, avoid it at all costs. If you reveal everything to them, they can use your provided information against you.

People that are not trustworthy can misuse information you share with them, or even blackmail you. Hence, it is important to stay away from such people. In addition, don’t share anything with them like your goals, plants or secrets.

  1. Be Blunt & Cut Off Ties With Them

Confrontation is not always easy, but it can be life-saving. If you know someone is betraying you, you must confront them, and tell them directly that you no longer wish to continue your friendship. 

Another way is to get all mutual friends in a room, gather evidence and confront that person. 

  1. Don’t Go For Revenge

If they have caused you harm, forgive and forget. Don’t plan to take revenge, as it will cause you to stoop down to their level. Hence, be the bigger person and move on from such friendships.

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Double-faced friends are worse than having an enemy, they make you doubt your self-worth and cause you emotional exhaustion. Hence, it is important to cut off ties with such kinds of people.

Although it is difficult to identify double-faced friends as they are very clever with their manipulation techniques, you can notice some common signs among them to spot them.

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